5 things that made me go to work this Summer!

  1. Outings, activities and massages!

I had a really good time taking part in all the activities planned for us – Volleyball, go-karting, bowling, laser-tag and a table tennis tournament!! Through these events I got to know my fellow interns and other Apigeeks better (and got a little better at table-tennis). Though I didn’t make use of it, there were regular yoga and kickboxing classes held at Apigee, which I thought was very cool. The facility I did make use of, were the extremely relaxing weekly massage sessions.

  1. The Apigee-Way

The Apigee-Way is basically really enjoying the work you do. It is the concept of making Apigee’s customers successful and our responsibilities not being limited to just one team. There is a very flat hierarchy without too many layers of management. We had ‘coaches’ and not managers, which basically meant, our coaches enabled us to do better, rather than them managing us. The mantra being – Action, Passion and Respect

  1. The food

When you are at Apigee, you easily put on 5 pounds in the span of 10 weeks. The kitchen is filled with yummy snacks, and the catered lunches are simply too tempting. They have a lot of healthy food options too!!

  1. My project

I was very excited about the project I was working on, and firstly because our projects were matched to our interests. Secondly, it was a steep learning curve, and there was so much to take away from it. Thirdly, I worked with a great team, and an awesome and supportive coach. Additionally, the tasks for each of the 10 weeks were very well planned out. Lastly, but definitely not the least, we worked on the project right from scratch to completion – Designing, Implementing, Testing, Documentation.

  1. People!!

I absolutely loved the people I met at Apigee. They were smart, talented people who were passionate about what they do. I found everyone welcoming, extremely helpful and willing to share his or her experiences with us. We had ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions with people who worked in different areas like engineering, sales, marketing, finance, People Operations (HR) and even the CEO. These sessions were super helpful understanding their different journeys and how they got to where they are now. One thing common between all these people was each of them believed in and practiced the Apigee-Way.