Counting 10 weeks of an internship

After interning the previous summer, I thought I understood what an internship was like. The thought of working a full time job based on previous experience bored me. To my pleasant surprise, I was blown away by how different my expectations for an internship at Apigee was compared to the reality. Apigee implores a small intern team of 10 people, who I quickly learned would become not just my acquaintances or fellow interns, but genuine friends as well. Keeping a small team and holding frequent intern events lets the interns get to know each other very well, from discussing cultural and ethnic backgrounds to intellectually stimulating conversations about revolutionizing current and future technologies. The amazing thing was, not once did I ever feel like a day at Apigee was repetitive. I knew what my goals for the day was, and it seemed like every day I had growing expectations for myself. Apigee fostered a culture where I was able to rediscover my intellectual curiosity and passion for engineering. It’s not everyday or anywhere you can say that.

Apigee tries and succeeds at making interns feel valued as well as jump starting their career ambitions. Every week, we had a lunch and learn where we were able to ask questions and learn about the career journeys and paths of different individuals in the companies, not just limited to engineers. What I took away from these conversations is most importantly to be open to an opportunity at any time, and opportunities may present themselves, but it is up to us to put ourselves in an unfamiliar environment in order to grow. In one of these lunch and learns, I even had a talk with Chet, the CEO, about my school, Rice University, and how his best friend went there! We also had a strengths building course, where we learned about our five greatest strengths and how we could utilize our strengths rather than focus on our weaknesses to be happy and successful in our careers.

Beyond all of this, Apigee keeps its Apigeeks happy. We all want to work for a place with great perks, and what I enjoy at Apigee is that it rewards hard work. I feel like I have worked hard and have been taken care of as a result, rather than being taken care of without working for it. As an intern, Apigee’s perks include amazing catered lunch, an insane kitchen (and when I say insane, I mean insane), as well as a community that promotes fitness in the workplace. Oh, and massage Fridays? Yes please.

As my internship wraps up, I’m incredibly thankful that I ended up at Apigee to do my internship this summer. Not only am I now excited for my future, I’ve made some great friends and learned a lot about different technologies as well as made a direct impact on the company with my work. I was trusted with an important project and was treated like any other employee. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect for my peers as well as my coaches, who I aspire to be more like. There’s not much more I could have gotten out of an internship, so I’m proud to be an Apigeek!