An API-tastic Summer, 2k16

The final showcase is over, there’s an air of laziness amongst the interns, and the office is quieting down. It is our last day at Apigee, and as excited as I am about going back to school to start my final year, I’m also becoming slightly nostalgic about the last three months at Apigee.

It’ll be a long time before I drive southbound to work in the morning, thankful that I don’t have to face the stand-still traffic I would see everyday. I won’t be coming into work anymore and greeting the people who became amazing friends as they eat breakfast and discuss topics ranging from low-level processor optimizations in different computers to the benefits of using pigeon mail instead of a phone. My desk won’t be there to support me as I spend the day trying to come up with solutions to the new challenges I face on an almost-daily basis, and my team won’t be there for me to annoy when I’m trying to solve these problems. Lunch won’t be served, ping pong tables won’t hold exciting matches, and meetings about my project won’t be held. And at the end of the day, I won’t get to drive home and reflect on the challenges I solved that day or think of solutions and optimizations to the next step in building my project, while watching the sunset and the beautiful California sky illuminate in a gradient of yellow, orange, and purple.

As a programmer at Apigee, there is no doubt that I leave my internship as a better coder with more knowledge of languages and frameworks under my belt. But more than that, I leave having a better understanding of product design and more confidence in my abilities to speak and demonstrate what I’ve built. I’ve made amazing friends, gained core strength from laughing hard, met incredibly experienced mentors, and become a smarter and more able programmer. And I know that even after I leave from here, I will take all the lessons that I have learned. Thank you very much to Apigee and the people here for making this a valuable and memorable summer!


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