Is Working So Bad?

Wide-eyed and mystified, I walked into the most orange office I had ever seen.

Orange is a bold color, but an even bolder statement that reflects Apigee’s drive and innovation. Up until a few months ago, I had never heard of Apigee, but now I see Apigee everywhere.

Full of optimism, I walked into my first day ready to take on whatever challenge lay before me. I was partially ready. Despite my lack of experience, Apigee provided me with opportunities to learn and do meaningful work under guidance of many intelligent individuals.

Shoutout to Dibyo, Kris, Jane, Thomas, Alex, Thameem, Marc, Jyoti, and Arghya.

We, the Guardians of the Apigee, have sworn to defend Apigee’s reputation by ensuring that Apigee delivers quality products.

My partner Jordan and I worked to uphold that oath by working to create a system to filter through similar metric data. Our goal was to deliver a product that provided key insights into potential customer incidents. We worked with various technologies that were completely new to me. Through these 10 weeks, we had the privilege of struggling and finally conquering the project.

Like Apigee ambitions, this is the path that I have chosen. Working with smart people on hard problems. Is work so bad?



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